Great efforts start with a small thought or idea. This leads to some sort of action. Dave saw and witnessed firsthand the skill of an underprivileged school playing in a recent Tag Rugby Festival we hosted.

He was amazed but what this team had in skill and talent they lacked in team clothing. Dave walked over to where I was standing. And told me that his company would like to donate team clothing to the school to use across all sports. I was amazed at Dave’s kindness. Little did we know this was the start of something really special.

Dave took it upon himself to let his network know what he was doing and within half an hour Dave’s network had donated 41 shirts to this initiative. Dave’s network have now contributed 71 pairs of shorts and tops to this fantastic initiative.

For just R340 you can join Dave’s network and get one child some fantastic sports clothing. If you have access to more funding 10 players could be clothed for just R3400.

If you want to get involved please email







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