6th April 2017

Today we celebrate the International Day for Sports Development and Peace. The Tag Association takes its role in sports development and peace very seriously. Our Youth Programmes are geared to not only get young boys and girls involved in physical activity and sport but also to equip them with the life skills necessary to assist them in their daily lives.

We have had the privilege of working very closely with the United Nations Office for Sports Development and Peace since 2011. Our Youth sports leaders have travelled the World and presented Tag Rugby to young children in many countries. Opportunities they got only because they were involved in sport.

South Africa has many many challenges.

Our children are our countries most important asset and we need to get them involved in sports programmes and away from drugs, crime and gangsterism. Sport teaches children how to work as a team, be dedicated, win and lose and most importantly to play the game within the rules.

Firstly, I would like to thank all the children from Phillipi, Langa and Somerset West from celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace with us today.

Secondly, like to encourage local and international businesses reading or watching what the Tag Association does on a daily basis to do what great companies like HSBC Bank, ASICS, Pres Les and many others do and to get involved in our programmes even if in a small way. It all helps…



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