The International Tag Federation (ITF) held a conference with it’s executive members on the 20th to 23rd January 2017, in Cape Town South Africa.

Following on from the successful 2015 Tag World Cup (TWC) in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, the conference was to instigate detailed strategic planning for the 2018 TWC, the restructuring of the ITF and the future growth and protection of the sport worldwide.

An intensive four day programme of meetings led to the following outcomes being achieved;

  • Current chairman Bill Harrigan, (Oztag Australia), resigned after a 5 year term being replaced by Stuart McConnell, (South Africa Tag).
  • Updated the ITF constitution
  • Strategic planning for the growth and protection of the sport
  • Detailed on going planning for the 2018 TWC
  • Identifying and formalising criteria for full membership, associate membership and heritage association membership of the ITF

The ITF has never received any funding to govern or grow the sport in the past. Part of this strategic planning was to establish funding for the ITF to enable the administration, protection and growth of the sport.

Representatives from the five executive member nations (Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa) brain stormed on all areas of sports administration and the game itself.

Simon Bewley from Tag Rugby Ireland said “Host nation South Africa were amazing hosts and it was fantastic to pass on knowledge to the local staff working for Tag in South Africa.


Alternative quotes for local websites

Claude Iusitini from New Zealand Tag Football said “The 30 hours travelling from New Zealand was worthwhile to confirm the status of the Pacific Tag nations based out of NZ”

Alistair Davis from Try Tag Rugby Great Britain said “Host nation South Africa were amazing hosts, great strides forward were made over the four days for the International game”.


  • ITF Table Mountain 2. Left to Right: Bill Harrigan (Australia), Stuart McConnell (South Africa), Simon Bewley (Ireland), Claude Iusitini (NZ) and Alistair Davis (Great Britain)
  • ITF table mountain 2
  • ITF meeting updated constitution signing. Left to Right: Bill Harrigan (Australia), Claude Iusitini (NZ)
  • ITF meeting constitution signing




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