About Tag Rugby Gauteng®

Tag Rugby® has come to Johannesburg!

The Tag Rugby® Association has been making waves across the country since 1994 thanks to its ability to attract people of all ages and genders to the sports field. Our Tag children are aged between 5 and 12 years old from Grade R to Grade 7.

The developer of the game Tag Rugby, Rob Macdonald is a product of King Edward Preparatory School (KEPS) in Johannesburg. One of the biggest benefits of the game, especially considering the times we find ourselves in, is that it’s a great non-contact form of rugby that develops excellent skills and encourages time spent outdoors.

All activities and coaches are Covid-19 compliant and priorities the health and safety of the staff and players. Being a non-contact sport we are officially allowed to continue play during Covid-19 times.

Whether you’re looking for an extramural activity for your little one, to get out on the field yourself or to become a coach or referee – Tag Rugby® promises hours of fun, opportunities to develop your ball and team work skills being a great new way to exercise, get and stay fit.

“I love playing Tag Rugby, it’s so much fun and can’t wait to play it each Friday. I dig Coach Sam too, he’s so cool” says Jack aged 8 at Rondebosch Boy’s Preparatory School.

“Tag has been so fantastic for my girls aged 5 and 11 years old. They’ve really enjoyed learning about the game, making new friends and pulling tags off their opponent and scoring a try” says proud Mom, Tarryn Dunn.

You can choose to register your child for Tag Rugby® as an extramural activity at school or sign them up for our Saturday Club Sessions.

Ready to be part of the action? Sign up below and get playing!

#1 Tag Rugby® Club Saturday Morning Sessions for Children

 Click here for Tag try outs Gauteng – High Ground, St Stithians

#2 Tag Rugby® as an Extra-mural for Children

Click here to Register your Child (Boy or Girl)

#3 Tag Rugby® Social League for Adults

Click here to Register as a Social Adult League player

#4 Tag Rugby® for Coaches

Click here to Register interest in learning more about being a Coach

#5 Tag Social Rugby Referee

Click here to Register as a Tag Social Rugby Referee

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Gauteng General Manager – Jacqui
Email: jacqui@taggroup.co.za

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