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Rugby and Community Building - Tag Rugby South Africa

Rugby and Community Building

Growing Rugby

Over the years, the Tag Rugby® Association has developed excellent relationships with both provincial and national government departments. The Tag Rugby® Association promotes the game in all the Unions and, where possible, activates Tag programmes in schools. What’s more, the Tag Rugby® Association offers training to teachers and community sports officers, monitoring the programmes and working alongside the Rugby Unions and their development officers to promote grassroots rugby development. In this way, the organisation provides exit routes for talented individuals to become part of the formal rugby community through coaching academies, clubs and so forth.

Building Communities

The Tag Rugby® Adopt-a-School Programme aims to provide children with the opportunity to play sport and have fun and engage in activities they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to enjoy. By being active and playing sport, children have a reason to stay off the streets and away from the ills of society that often confront them.

By using Tag Rugby® (which requires no infrastructure or rugby experience) the learners in less resourced areas, where there are poor or no facilities, can enjoy the feeling of running with a ball in their hands and having fun with their peers. We also recognise the need for both sexes to play sport together. To this end Tag Rugby® can be played by both boys and girls. As there is no contact in Tag Rugby® the fear of injury is removed from the game and children of different physical size and capabilities can play together.

A company or individual can Adopt-a-School in any area, but often companies choose schools with which they have some connection, either because they are in the immediate area, or it is a school that their employees’ children may attend. Alternatively, the Tag Rugby® Association can select a school on behalf of the company.

Our Adopt-a-School programmes are currently running in:
Polokwane – supported by Action iT (PTY) LTD.
Langa – supported by Reale Mutua Foundation.
Atlantis – supported by Pres Les and Oxbow Xerox.
Bitou region – supported by Nutty Bars™

The Adopt-a-School programme is unique in that the Tag Rugby® Association is involved with the selected school on an ongoing basis to ensure that the benefits of the donation are enjoyed on a sustainable basis.

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