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about tag rugby

Rugby and Community Building

Growing Rugby

Over the years, the Tag Rugby® Association has developed excellent relationships with both provincial and national government departments. The Tag Rugby® Association promotes the game in all the Unions and, where possible, activates Tag programmes in schools. What’s more, the Tag Rugby® Association offers training to teachers and community sports officers, monitoring the programmes and working alongside the Rugby Unions and their development officers to promote grassroots rugby development. In this way, the organisation provides exit routes for talented individuals to become part of the formal rugby community through coaching academies, clubs and so forth.

Building Communities

All Tag Rugby® equipment used by the Association is manufactured by Learn to Earn – a non-profit organisation that provides training for unemployed individuals in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Learn to Earn empowers people to become self-sufficient and economically active by either getting employed by supporters of the organisation or working as entrepreneurs within their own businesses. For more information on Learn to Earn, please visit Read more: CSI opportunities

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