About Youth Tag Rugby®

Tag Rugby® is a non-contact form of rugby where a tackle is made by pulling the tag off the belt of the opponent when they have the ball. The game is fast, fun and suitable for boys and girls of all ages. There are no scrums, line outs or kicking and beginners can play too!

How it works:

  • Each player wears a velcro belt around the waist or a pair of tag shorts with a tag attached to each hip.
  • Opposing teams have different coloured ribbons.
  • A “TAG” or tackle is made by removing the opponent’s ribbon before they pass the ball.
  • Once the ribbon is removed, the ball carrier then stops and passes the ball to his/her teammate. After three successful “TAGs” the possessing change.
  • The defending team now becomes the attacking team and tries to score before they are “TAGged” three times.
  • A try is scored by running over the line and dotting the ball down whilst carrying the ball with two hands.

The benefits:

  • Tag Rugby® is safe, fast and simple to play. 
  • Boys, girls of all ages can play against one another without fear of injury.
  • There is no tackling, line-outs, kicking or scrums.
  • The game can be played on any surface.
  • Children love the game because it is fast flowing and plenty of tries can be scored. 
  • Children learn the basic skills of rugby namely, passing catching, running forward into space and of course scoring tries. 
  • Provides the perfect means of introducing children to the game of rugby.


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