Tag Coaching

Tag Rugby® is a non-contact form of rugby where a tackle is made by pulling the tag off the belt of the opponent when they have the ball. The game is fast, fun and suitable for boys and girls of all ages. There are no scrums, line outs or kicking and beginners can play too!

Tag Rugby® is offered as an extra mural sport at a growing number of schools and the game is continuously gaining popularity with learners, teachers and parents.

Each Tag Rugby® session focuses on having fun while ensuring that the children master all necessary skills and prepare any potential rugby players for tackle rugby too.

If you would like to introduce Tag Rugby® at your school, please get in touch with us. Alternatively, visit our Tag Store to purchase the Official SARU Licensed Tag Rugby equipment to start playing.

“Bishops were introduced to Tag in 2000. We decided then that we would use Tag for our rugby skills development. Rugby skills must form the foundation to all rugby development. Tag achieves this very successfully.”

Brendon Fogarty – Head of Rugby, Bishops Prep School


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